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Talenthive beleives in delivering HR & finances services through integrated high tech with best services approch.

Strategic Services

Employee Management

  • Best HR Prcatices
  • Performance Management: Increase productivity by aligning employee and company company goal
  • Career Transtition: Keeping good exit process and supports the employees
  • Remuneration Consulting: helps in defining compensation strategy
  • Startup ethical work environment: provides good awareness and best practices

Core Values

Company Incorporation

For Entrepreneur getting the right advice at the right time is absolutely vital to their business success. Starting a business involves many factors or aspects for consideration such as type of business, how and where to set-up, registrations & approvals required, post set – up activities to be undertaken etc. Since it is an important step and therefore needs proper planning and execution.

Talent Recruitment

Hiring exceptional talent is crucial for your business success. Whether it’s the executive who offers visionary leadership, the manager who can quickly execute on business plans, or the sales professional who won’t settle for less than 100%, a business needs great people to thrive. But the recruiting process is time-consuming and complex.

Accounts & Compliances

Every Company irrespective of quantum of its transaction and revenue is mandatory required to maintain proper books of accounts on regular basis and also get its books of accounts audited by an independent chartered accountant before the due date as prescribed under the laws. Entrepreneurs and business gets very stressed on the topic of maintenance.

Payroll Management

Managing your payroll is a time-consuming process that can pose a significant compliance challenge. Partner with us to outsource your payroll administration. Our payroll services help you virtually eliminate payroll errors, mitigate payroll and tax related risk and give you more time to do what you do best: grow your business.